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ALL IROQUOIS BASS CLUB members are required to sign a liability waiver prior to fishing any IBC events. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the tournament.
MEMBER APPLICATION PROCESS: IBC is and has been a members only fishing club. Our effort has not been to become a “ large” club. Our focus is to maintain a competitive yet manageable number of boats in our tournaments. Currently IBC is not actively engaged in an effort to increase membership. As such the following prescribes membership considerations for 2023:
Any IBC member who fished at least three (3) tournaments in 2022 will be allowed to register for 2023 membership, at the ramp, during one of the first two scheduled tournaments or by sending membership fee to:
Mike Sturgeon
6505 Downs Branch rd
Louisville Ky 40228
New request for membership will be considered as follows:
First priority will be given to 2023 IBC members requiring a substitute partner for a tournament and/or a 2023 IBC member who has an immediate family member requesting membership.
Second priority will be considered for a team requesting membership who has been personally recommended by a current IBC member.
Third priority will be considered for all other request.
Any and all membership considerations must be reviewed and approved/ denied in advance  by the IBC board. Partner substitution request will be considered for approval provided the request occurs no less than twenty four ( 24) hours from tournament start time. All other considerations for new membership must occur no less than one (1) week prior to the scheduled tournament.
TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEES: $80 per boat ($55 towards payout, $10 for big fish, $15 towards the Classic).
MEMBERSHIP FEES: $30 fee covers the main member and includes spouse and children under 18. Membership fees must be collected prior to entry fee and will be used for lie detector fees, sales maintenance and weigh-in materials. The unused portion of these funds will be added to the Classic pay-out, Classic Top 10, Angler of the Year, Big Bag of the Year, and Big Fish of the Year awards.
TOURNAMENT RULES: Starting positions are drawn for the first FIFTEEN (15) boats. After 15 numbers have been drawn, the starting position is based on order of arrival. Sign-ups for tournaments are closed 15 minutes before starting time. The weigh-in will start approximately 15 minutes after the tournament end time. Any formal complaint specific to violation of tournament rules or regulations must be brought to the attention of a board member prior to the beginning of the weigh-in.
LAWS AND REGULATIONS: IBC members are required to abide by applicable KY State and Corps of Engineers fishing and boating laws and regulations. Failure to abide by applicable laws and regulations may result in disqualification from the tournament.
LEGAL FISH: Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Kentucky Bass.
FISH AND SIZE LIMIT: Five fish limit. Lake size limit applies (twelve inch minimum). If a member is fishing alone, that member is allowed one (1) slot fish only.
MARINA FISHING: IBC members are prohibited from fishing any/all Corp of Engineer lake Marina boat slips , walkways , gas pumps , restaurants etc. regardless of signage. Any marina structure that can reasonably be considered part of the Marina business entity is off limits to fishing. Marinas posted no fishing within 150 ft are likewise off limits as posted. Marinas without the 150 ft no fishing restriction are “open” to fishing provided no cast are made towards a marina structure as defined in paragraph one of this rule.
Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.
WEIGH-IN: Anglers are responsible for returning their fish to the lake after weighing in. Petitions for re-weigh of catch must occur prior to the next anglers fish being weighed. No exceptions. If re-weigh is requested the second weight becomes the weight of record.
SPECIAL NOTE: Anglers are encouraged to purchase personal weigh-in bags.
NUMBER CHIP: Before the tournament starts each team draws a numbered chip. This determines your starting position. Once a team has received a chip it is their responsibility to have their live well checked by the designated IBC board member that day. The live well check must occur prior to launch. Failure to complete the live well check will result in disqualification from the tournament. Additionally, the chip must be turned in to the weigh-master BEFORE the tournament end time. The tournament end time is determined by no other means than the weigh-master. If not turned in by the official quit time the team is disqualified from the tournament. When the chip leaves the boat, fishing must stop.
MISCELLANEOUS: No trolling, no live bait, no late weigh-ins. All lake regulations must be followed. Life jackets should be worn when your boat is on plane.
IBC members interested in fishing multiple "same day" tournaments are required to request approval in advance from the IBC board. 
PENALTIES: 8oz. (.5 lb) penalty for each dead fish. 8oz (.5 lb) penalty also applies to the weight of Big Fish when being considered for Big Fish award. 16oz (1 lb) penalty for each short fish and loss of that fish.
POLYGRAPH: May be given randomly. Failure to pass the test will be reason for disqualification. If contestant wishes to take another test, it will be administered at the contestant's expense.
ANGLER OF THE YEAR: In being considered for Angler of the Year, a member will receive 100 points for each first place finish, 99 for second place, 98 for third place and so on. Participants without any fish will receive 25 points. The leader in points at the end of the regular tournament schedule is awarded Angler of the Year. Angler of the Year will receive $300 (to be split if a tie exists) at the end of the regular tournament schedule.
BIG FISH OF THE YEAR: Angler who catches the biggest fish of the year after the end of the regular tournament schedule (Classic not included) will receive $100.  Angler must qualify for the Classic to be eligible for Big Fish of the Year.
BIG BAG OF THE YEAR: Angler/Anglers who catch the biggest bag of the year (one day) after the end of the regular tournament schedule (Classic not included) will receive $100.  Angler/Anglers must qualify for the Classic to be eligible for Big Bag of the Year.
TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION: IBC members are allowed to fish alone, as a team, or with a different partner if a unique circumstance arises. If an IBC member elects to fish with a different partner during the year, each partner must pay the $30 membership fee and must be approved as outlined on page 1 (IBC Membership, #2).
ONE ANGLER PER BOAT: IBC members may elect to fish tournaments, including the Classic, alone. For safety purposes, please notify a member of the board prior to the start of the tournament that you have elected for fish alone. $80.00 per boat.
CLASSIC TOURNAMENT RULES/PAYBACK: All boats fishing the Classic must pay the tournament fee of $80.00, except for the Top 10 in points. The Classic payout will include unused membership funds, $15.00 per boat collected each tournament and any sponsorship money received throughout the year. Big Fish pot is the same as normal tournament. Classic payout will be (1) place for every (3) boats entered.
QUALIFYING FOR THE CLASSIC: IBC members must fish six (6) of the 2023 tournaments to qualify for the Classic. The Top 10 anglers in the year end points standings will have the Classic entry fee paid by the club should they elect to fish. This does not include any optional pots. This does not include a "partner" that did not finish in the Top 10. If an angler finishing in the Top 10 fishes alone in the Classic, one half of the entry fee will be paid by the club.
TOURNAMENT PURCHASE OPTION: An angler( individual) will be allowed to purchase one (1) tournament that can be counted towards the number of six (6) required to qualify for the classic. The cost of the purchased tournament will be the regular entry fee of $80.00. Purchased tournaments are based individually ie $80.00 per person/$160.00 for team. The deadline for purchasing a tournament is two (2) weeks prior to the Classic.
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